Our Mission

We think about your money from your perspective, not ours. We continually ask ourselves, “If this was my money, what would I do?” By doing this, your best interests remain our top priority.

<strong></strong><span style="font-weight: 400;">Our Approach</span>

Our Approach

We see financial planning differently. When you seek our guidance, our goal is to transform your financial life and help you create the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

Has anyone ever asked you, "If your financial life were perfect, what would it be like?" 

Don't you think your advisor should?

Our process ensures that the answer to this question guides what we do for you.

Step One: The Candid Conversation

We start by having a conversation to discover the financial goals you most want to accomplish. Grand or simple, your circumstances are unique, and you deserve a custom-tailored and comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals. Before this meeting, we will provide you with the Clear Future Advantage™ Planning profile, which will help you prepare for our first conversation.

Step Two: The Clear Future Analysis

There can be many ways to pursue the same goals. With a good understanding of your most important financial goals, we create and analyze numerous "what if" scenarios to help us create the right strategy for you. To do this, we use many sophisticated software applications, knowledge resources, and possible discussions with your attorney and tax professional to ensure that we fully understand who you are, what you need, and what approach we should take for you.

Step Three: The Strategy Multiplier

Our second meeting will review the options we believe will help you target your "Great Goals of Life" and what needs to be prioritized if all goals cannot be met. The essence of the Clear Future Analysis™ will be distilled into an easily understood Integrated Action Plan™.

Step Four: The Integrated Action Plan

This plan puts it all together during our second meeting. The Integrated Action Plan™ is a written plan of action with definitive, agreed-upon strategies and target dates for completion. We are both held accountable for our respective "to-do" lists and duties for completion. And with that, we take off on the path to your financial future in lock-step with each other.

Step Five: The Personal Progress Report

Now that we are taking action on a very well-thought-out and intentional path for you, we need to make sure that we stay on track yet remain flexible to adapt to unforeseen life events. To do that, we monitor how we are progressing toward your goals. The Personal Progress Report™ shows how you are doing and what adjustments need to be made to ensure that the plan exceeds your needs and expectations.

Our Team